BLACK 21 Megapixel 75' IR HDcctv HD-SDI Outdoor Bullet Camera


Delivers up to 1080p full HD resolution for sharp, detailed images

  • Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor
  • 3.7mm megapixel lens with external lens adjustment
  • 1920 x 1080 (1080p) full HD resolution @ 30 fps
  • True day/night (ICR) to capture sharp, detailed images day and night
  • 75′ IR range
  • Built-in DNR to eliminate noise from your video
  • IP66 weather rated
  • Built-in AGC control
  • HD-SDI cameras require HD-SDI DVRs

    Experience the high definition resolution of HD-SDI technology. This high-resolution 2.1 Megapixel 75′ IR HDcctv HD-SDI Outdoor Bullet Camera features a progressive scan CMOS image sensor, 3.7 mm lens and produces up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) full HD resolution at 30 fps (frames per second) to deliver sharp, highly-detailed images for your surveillance applications.

    This HD video camera is equipped with true day/night (ICR) to capture a highly-distinguishable image day or night with a built-in IR range to capture images in the dark up to 75′. The bullet camera also features built-in DNR (digital noise reduction) to eliminate unwanted noise from your video, as well as built-in ACG (automatic gain control). The high-resolution outdoor camera is also equipped with an IP66 weather rated enclosure that′s designed to withstand a variety of elements and weather conditions for our outdoor surveillance applications. Experience the HD-SDI difference!

    What's Included:

    • Lens
    • Mounting hardware
    • Installation manual

    This camera comes with a 3 year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and free lifetime US-based technical support.

    Take Your Analog Capabilities to the Next Level with HD-SDI

    HDcctv is a standard for high definition analog-based closed circuit television technology. HD-SDI cameras provide high quality live HD video with exceptional resolution and image detail. You can upgrade your analog capabilities by switching to HD-SDI technology. HD-SDI is the future of analog and an alternative to IP.

    When to Consider HDcctv/HD-SDI

    The benefits of HDcctv/HD-SDI are far-reaching, and almost everyone in every type of industry can benefit from implementing HDcctv technology.

    If You Want Better Resolution

    HD-SDI technology delivers image quality that is far superior to analog CCTV and provides a cost-effective video surveillance solution that's easy to install and integrate with existing CCTV systems. Before HD-SDI, the only way to get HD resolution was through a megapixel IP camera

    If you need higher quality images than analog CCTV, HDcctv/HD-SDI will be a big benefit to you when it comes to image quality. HDcctv delivers high-quality, detailed HD resolution to support your business needs. You have the ability to zoom in during live video and playback modes to focus in on area of interest with exceptional clarity and crisp detail.

    If you want to Utilize Existing Analog CCTV Coax Cabling

    HDcctv/HD-SDI systems allow you to utilize existing analog CCTV coax cabling as long as the cable distance is sufficient for HDcctv/HD-SDI video signals (RG/59/RG6 and RG/11 or fiber optics). HDcctv/HD-SDI video cameras are point-to-point, and you can use existing coax cables to send the video feed directly from the camera to the recording device or DVR without the need for encoders or an existing network.

    If You Want To Cut Costs

    If you have budget constraints, HDcctv/ HD-SDI hybrid systems provide a cost effective solution. A hybrid HDcctv/HD-SDI system allows you to utilize existing analog CCTV equipment, yet provides the ability to utilize HDcctv cameras and features as you need them.

    Key Features:

    True Day/Night (ICR) – Capture Clear images day and night. In day mode, the IR Cut Filter blocks out interfering infrared light to produce true-to-life color images, and in night mode the IR Cut Filter lets infrared light pass through to provide crisp, well-defined black and white images. True day/night (ICR) produces higher quality images than digital day/night.

    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)Eliminate noise from your video. This feature removes image noise from a video signal by applying a digital comb filter.

    How DNR works: The chip in a camera is constantly picking up image noise (fine static), especially in low-light modes. DNR technology compensates for this, correcting imperfections in the image by removing a large percentage of the noise.

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