BLACK 600 TVL 60 ft IR Outdoor Dome Security Camera


Captures clear images day or night

  • AI 2.8~11mm varifocal lens
  • 12 volts DC/24 volts AC
  • Five-year warranty
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • IP67 weather rating

    Our BLACK dome camera designs are based on direct feedback from our customers to deliver the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, saving you valuable time and money. All outdoor dome cameras come standard with a unique 3-part housing construction, a true 3-axis gimble, a pre-installed lanyard that securely holds the dome cover so you never drop it again, and feature a second video out (RCA) on the board for easy camera testing and adjustment.

    This camera comes with a 5-year warranty, and is backed by the unparalleled lifetime support of the SC Direct Support Team.

    Features and Capabilities

    True Day/Night - True day/night (also referred to as mechanical day/night) improves low light sensitivity, delivers a sharper image in low light conditions, and enables the camera to see in the dark without the help of external IR illuminators.

    To accomplish this, the camera automatically removes the infrared filter from in front of the CCD chip which enables the camera to see near infrared light, and allows more light into the imager to deliver a clearer picture and minimize distortion when in black and white mode.

    Digital Noise Reduction Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology offers several benefits. First, DNR delivers a cleaner signal, resulting in up to 70% disk space savings - so you can store more video evidence on your hard drive. Next, cameras equipped with DNR technology deliver a more visually appealing image, making it easier to identify suspects.

    Finally, DNR technology makes it easier for your camera to distinguish between true motion and image noise - allowing for your DVR to be more efficient in motion detection - especially in low light conditions.

    How it works: The chip in a camera is constantly picking up noise (fine static) in your images, especially in low-light modes. DNR technology compensates for this, correcting imperfections in the image by removing a large percentage of this noise. When a DVR or computer is processing the video data, it must compress and save every part of the image that is moving. The less noise in the image, the less data the DVR will save, and the more real motion it will detect.

    Wide Dynamic Range Wide dynamic range (WDR) enables the camera to deliver video with near perfect exposure in the harshest of lighting conditions. To accomplish this, wide dynamic cameras use advanced digital processing to capture two images at different exposures, and then combine them into a single image.

    WDR cameras are ideal for challenging lighting situations, such as doorways or windows to the outside, looking into car headlights, or any application looking into a direct light source. They are also ideal in opposite conditions, such as looking from a well lit area into a darker area.

    On Screen Display A camera's On Screen Display (OSD) allows you to fine tune virtually every setting of your camera to achieve the best possible image quality. Without OSD, you are dependent upon the factory settings of the camera, and subject to any impact to the camera experienced during delivery or installation.

    With the convenient design features of BLACK cameras, including 2nd video out and on-board one-finger joystick controls, you can adjust your every aspect of your camera at the point of installation - without having to run back-and-forth to your DVR or monitor. Aspects you can control include wide dynamic range, auto iris exposure settings, day/night settings, and many more.

    Intelligently designed for quick and painless installation

    Like all BLACK products, we designed our dome cameras based on direct feedback from our installation partners delivering the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, to save you valuable time and money. In fact, we considered just about every aspect of installing your cameras - from mounting, to capturing the right field of view, to adjusting your settings - and made it a better experience.

    Flush & Surface Mount BLACK domes feature a unique 3-part housing construction. Indoor cameras can be flush mounted; outdoor cameras can be either surface or flush mounted - it's your choice. What's more, the base of our dome housings is conveniently constructed to act as back-bracket for flush mounting the camera on ceilings.

    Second Video Out All BLACK domes feature a second video out (RCA) on the board, allowing you to use a test monitor to adjust your camera without having to disconnect the camera from your security system. This will save valuable time and labor, as the cameras can be completely set up by a single installer at the point of installation. Additionally, this feature insures that your cameras won't lose focus as you disconnect your test monitor and re-connect the camera to your security system.

    TRUE 3-Axis Gimbal BLACK domes feature a true 3-axis gimbal, allowing you to mount the dome virtually anywhere (wall or ceiling) and position the camera at any angle to achieve the field of view you desire. Regardless of the mounting angle, the camera is intelligently designed to maintain the same distance from the dome cover so your image is never distorted.

    Pre-Installed Lanyard All BLACK domes feature a pre-installed lanyard holding the dome cover. Never drop your dome cover again, and have two hands free to make necessary camera adjustments.

    Joystick Driven OSD All BLACK domes offer On Screen Display (OSD), which can be operated by an on-board joystick with the touch of a finger saving you valuable time and labor costs.

    Auto Sensing Dual Voltage Never fry your camera again. All BLACK domes come equipped with auto-sensing dual voltage to accept 12V DC or 24V AC power input, for flexible and mistake-proof installations.

    Gang Box Mounting Indoor domes enable more convenient installations via a double gang mounting pattern which lets the mount camera directly to installed boxes with no additional plate required.

    Cable Management System Outdoor models benefit from cables and connectors being able to tuck inside the dome base to act as a Junction Box if one is not already pre-installed. This means that connections are not forced inside the wall and that building code can be met where no junction box is installed.

    Junction Box Mounting Outdoor BLACK domes feature a J Box mounting to speed up installations by enabling the camera to be directly mounted to installed junction boxes.

    Tool-less Lens Adjustments All BLACK domes feature extended lens adjustment controls for easy access by hand. Say goodbye to fiddling with tiny tools to get zoom and focus dialed in.

    Adjustable Dome The physical dome on all BLACK dome cameras can be rotated after the camera has been positioned without having to unscrew the housing, for instant re-positioning of cameras with little effort.

    Polycarbonate Dome Outdoor BLACK domes feature shatter-proof dome construction for protection from vandals and direct impacts.

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