BLACK 600 TVL 65 Ft IR Outdoor Bullet Security Camera


Offers a range of performance enhancing features

  • IP67 weather rating
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • 65 ft IR range

    Our BLACK bullet cameras are designed to deliver the ultimate in simplicity and convenience for indoor or outdoor applications. This camera is weather rated at IP67, and includes a heater for all-weather performance. We offer a wide range of advanced features to enhance the performance of your bullet camera, including: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), On Screen Display (OSD), Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). This bullet camera also features auto-sensing dual voltage, external focus and zoom adjustments, feed-thru cable brackets, and much more.

    Features and Capabilities

    Infrared (IR) - Infrared (IR) cameras feature built-in illuminators that project infrared light, which is nearly invisible to the human eye but very visible to IR surveillance cameras. This technology allows you to capture crystal clear, black and white video of suspects who feel protected by complete darkness. IR cameras are very effective in covering targeted areas with little or no light, ranging from exterior parking areas and entryways, to interior rooms requiring 24 hour surveillance. For coverage of wider areas, consider adding an additional external infrared illuminator.

    Digital Day/Night - Digital day/night (also referred to as electronic day/night) improves low light sensitivity, delivers a sharper image in low light conditions, and enables the camera to see in the dark without the help of external IR illuminators. Unlike true day/night cameras, which use a mechanical filter, the camera electronically adjusts colors during the day instead of using an infrared filter. This allows the digital day/night cameras to deliver similar benefits of true day/night cameras, but at a lower cost. Without the need for a physical filter, digital day/night technology can be leveraged for smaller form factors, such as bullet cameras.

    Digital Noise Reduction Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology offers several benefits. First, DNR delivers a cleaner signal, resulting in up to 70% disk space savings - so you can store more video evidence on your hard drive. Next, cameras equipped with DNR technology deliver a more visually appealing image, making it easier to identify suspects. Finally, DNR technology makes it easier for your camera to distinguish between true motion and image noise - allowing for your DVR to be more efficient in motion detection - especially in low light conditions.

    How it works: The chip in a camera is constantly picking up noise (fine static) in your images, especially in low-light modes. DNR technology compensates for this, correcting imperfections in the image by removing a large percentage of this noise. When a DVR or computer is processing the video data, it must compress and save every part of the image that is moving. The less noise in the image, the less data the DVR will save, and the more real motion it will detect.

    Wide Dynamic Range Wide dynamic range (WDR) enables the camera to deliver video with near perfect exposure in the harshest of lighting conditions. To accomplish this, wide dynamic cameras use advanced digital processing to capture two images at different exposures, and then combine them into a single image. WDR cameras are ideal for challenging lighting situations, such as doorways or windows to the outside, looking into car headlights, or any application looking into a direct light source. They are also ideal in opposite conditions, such as looking from a well lit area into a darker area.

    Digital Slow Shutter Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) allows you to see clear images in extreme low light conditions without the need for artificial illumination. DSS technology (also known as 'sens-up' or 'sense-up') enables very low light capabilities by slowing down shutter speed to allow more light to be collected by the CCD imager. This means that the camera can capture color images in conditions of near darkness. The user can adjust these settings to specify conditions that engage this feature automatically.

    On Screen Display A camera's On Screen Display (OSD) allows you to fine tune virtually every setting of your camera to achieve the best possible image quality. Without OSD, you are dependent upon the factory settings of the camera, and subject to any impact to the camera experienced during delivery or installation. With the convenient design features of DIGIOP Black cameras, including 2nd video out and on-board one-finger joystick controls, you can adjust your every aspect of your camera at the point of installation - without having to run back-and-forth to your DVR or monitor. Aspects you can control include wide dynamic range, auto iris exposure settings, day/night settings, and many more.

    Intelligently designed for quick and painless installation

    Like all BLACK products, we designed our bullet cameras based on direct feedback from our installation partners - delivering the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, to save you valuable time and money. In fact, we considered just about every aspect of installing your cameras from mounting, to capturing the right field of view, to adjusting your settings and made it a better experience.

    SMART IR Array Most cameras are not able to adjust IR output based on object distance, which often results in a washout for over-IR-exposed scenes, or a darkened image for under-IR-exposed scenes. BLACK bullets feature SMART IR which allows them to automatically adjust IR intensity as the subject moves closer to or further away from the camera, so you always have a clear image that is not washed out or too dark.

    External IR Level Adjustment BLACK bullets feature built-in external controls to let you easily adjust the IR range and width so that your subject area is fully illuminated no matter what distance the camera lens is set to.

    Joystick Driven OSD All BLACK bullets offer On Screen Display (OSD), which can be operated by an on-board joystick with the touch of a finger -- saving you valuable time and labor costs. Fine tune virtually every setting of your camera to achieve the best picture possible for your application.

    Built-in Heater BLACK bullet cameras can operate year-round in the harshest environments thanks to a built-in heater which allows the camera to operate in temperatures as low as -20 degree F. The heater also acts as a built-in defogger and allows the camera to function in up to 95% humidity. The camera can also withstand temperatures of up to 122 degree F.

    Easy-to-use External Lens Adjustments External adjustments for focus and zoom allow you to adjust your picture to get the exact field of view and focus you desire without having to open up the camera. In addition to convenience and speed of installation, this feature preserves the integrity of the camera, keeping all weatherproof seals intact.

    Second Video Out BLACK bullets feature a second video out (RCA) on the board, allowing you to use a test monitor to adjust your camera without having to disconnect the camera from your security system. This will save valuable time and labor, as the cameras can be completely set up by a single installer at the point of installation. Additionally, this feature insures that your cameras won't lose focus as you disconnect your test monitor and re-connect the camera to your security system.

    3-Axis Mounting Bracket Tired of struggling to establish the right image orientation with your camera? BLACK bullets feature a 3-axis mounting bracket which allows you to mount the camera virtually anywhere (wall or ceiling) and position the camera at any angle to achieve the field of view you desire.

    Adjustable Sun/Rain Shield All BLACK bullet cameras come standard with an adjustable sun/rain shield to prevent glare and direct contact from the elements, in order to deliver the cleanest possible video signal.

    Water & Shock Resistant The mounting plates for BLACK bullets include a rubber gasket to reduce shock from mounting to metal buildings. These cameras also feature a rugged aluminum die-cast housing to provide increased protection against accidental impact or vandalism. The IP67 rated housing means that you never have to worry again about the elements - these cameras are completely protected against contact and dust, and are 100% waterproof. In fact, they are fully submersible in up to 1 meter of water.

    More IR Range Choices We've provided more IR range options to meet your particular surveillance need. BLACK bullets now feature IR ranges of 65ft, 150ft, all the way up to 300ft.

    Concealed Cable Management BLACK bullet camera video and power cables are fed through a built-in mounting bracket, protecting the wiring from vandals and criminals, and providing you with a cleaner installation. For applications requiring external wiring, there is a gap in the base of the camera's mounting bracket for your convenience.

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