Black and White Board Camera


Perfect for any covert video application

  • 410 lines of resolution
  • 0.5 low lux rating
  • 1.25 in square size
  • 12 volts DC operation, 120 mA

    The PC100XP combines high performance, excellent quality and tiny size in a mini video security camera that s perfect for a wide range of applications. With a sharp 410 lines of resolution in a 1.25 in square package, this camera offers excellent value. The stepless automatic electronic shutter handles very dim room light (low light rating is a very stealthy 0.5 lux) or bright outdoor applications with ease. The camera operates on 12 volts DC, 120 mA. Standard NTSC video output is compatible with DVRs, monitors and transmitters. The pinhole lens provides a super stealthy 50 degree field of view. Comes with plug-and-play video and power cables.

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