Specialty Security Cameras for Laredo, TX

We offer specialty security cameras designed to meet the surveillance needs of Laredo, TX. Shop for the latest snake cameras peephole cameras and inspection cameras that provide visibility in hard-to-reach spaces. Choose an ever-popular snake camera or video inspection camera to give you visibility in tight spaces and hard-to-access locations. Our analog and IP specialty cameras are available in a variety of resolutions and low light surveillance capabilities. If you need help selecting a specialty camera that will meet the needs of your home or business surveillance application, our security experts can help. Call SC Technologies today at 877-917-9059!


Wide Angle 30 ft IR Vandal-proof Outdoor Corner Security Camera

DIGIOP 3D Analytic Camera

940 nm No Glow Infrared Snake Camera

Whistler 3 Foot Inspection Camera Extension Tube

Whistler Professional Inspection Snake Camera with 24 inch Color LCD Monitor

Whistler Wireless Inspection Snake Camera with 24 Inch Color LCD Monitor

Whistler Wireless Inspection Snake Camera with 35 Inch Color LCD Monitor


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